PDXBluescast – Show #21

Greetings, Portland blues fans, and welcome back to the show. This week we feature a couple tunes from the CBA’s Live Roots & Blues CD, which is currently on sale; a taste of the Rainbirds, a fairly new group in town; plus birthday boy D.K. Stewart and Paul Jones with Joe Dobroe.

Oh, and since I really messed this up during the show, let me clarify right here — the correct dates for the CBA’s Journey To Memphis competition are Friday and Saturday, May 19th and 20th, at Beale Street NW.

Feel like you wanna tell me something? Hey, I’m all ears! You can post a comment right here on the blog, send e-mail to the address shown at right, or leave me a voice message at 206-203-3PDX (3739)! If you’re a Portland-area musician and would like your material featured on the show, send me e-mail for instructions on how to get it done. If I love it, I’ll play it!

  Title   Artist   Album   Where
Black Bottom Phantoms Of Soul CBA Acoustic Roots & Blues Festival CD (2001) 4:39
Long Distance Call Megan James with Kinzel & Hyde CBA Acoustic Roots & Blues Festival CD (2001) 7:48
I Got Over It The Rainbirds [Demo CD - unreleased] 17:08
Mr. Downchild The Rainbirds [Demo CD - unreleased] 19:43
Everything's Alright D.K. Stewart Don't Call Home (1995) 26:39
Sittin' On Top Of The World Paul Jones with Joe Dobroe All My Friends Can Sing (1997) 30:41

    40.5 minutes     |     37 MB

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Another great show, Pat, AND I didn’t have to stay up till midnight to get it! Haha
I used to see Joe Dobroe at Peter’s in Kelso, wondered what happened to him.
The Accoustic Fest CD is a good one, and one of the few cd’s with Megan James, one of my favorite singers. I was sitting in the first row of seats when this was recorded, so chances are the clapping you hear is me! I see references to Jack Cook in the Seattle area alot, so I think you are right, Pat, about that being his home base. I saw him at a jam once at Hoppers and he just tore up!

Jack Cook is indeed a Seattle resident and has been for many years. What you missed here, though, is that Johnnie Ward was accompanying him. Johnnie has been performing blues in Portland since the 1960s and remains a steady member of the scene today, most notably with The Eagle Ridin’ Papas Jug Band.

Another mistake I hate to point out, but on the track featuring Megan James, she was backed by Lynn Ann Hyde & Stu Kinzel, not Terry and Bill. In fact, right before the first instrumental break she tells Mr. Kizel to “take it.” Perhaps I listed things wrong in the credits when I created the CD insert, I’ll have to check on myself.

Anyway, great show Pat! I have downloaded all of the shows and I am sending them to ailing CBA traveling Blues ambassador R.D. Dill in Kansas. I do not believe he has a computer, so I have placed them on CD so he can have a little taste of home and hear of some of his good friends’ goings on as of late.

Hi, Greg -

Didn’t miss Johnnie Ward – I just forgot to mention him. I meant to, and then in the midst of my babbling I got distracted and moved on to something else. Obviously there’s a LOT of tasty harp playing on that CD.

Yep, the CD track listing is wrong, as it turns out. The last three tracks are scrambled around, and it nailed me. So the track I actually played was “Long Distance Call,” by Megan James with Kinzel & Hyde backing her up. I’ve corrected it in the show notes, but can’t do anything about my spoken remarks except to do a correction in my next show. The liner notes on that CD do leave a bit to be desired, particularly in terms of musician credits — who’s playing with whom, who are some of the pictured musicians playing with, etc. But it’s still a great CD and at five bucks it’s a STEAL!

Hey Pat, just catching up here…been on the go since I was in Portland. Always good to hear D.K. :)

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